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April 2019 Visa Bulletin

April 2019 Visa Bulletin

One of the biggest parts of getting a green card in the U.S. is waiting for your priority date to be current. For those that have invested the time, effort, and money into an immigrant visa, questions arise such as “How long will it take for my date to be current?” and “Can I speed this process up?”. To help answer these questions, this post will provide regular monthly updates on the most recent visa bulletin, an analysis of the date movements, and what predictions are made about the coming months. This month, we’ll go over the April 2019 visa bulletin.

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L-1 vs E-2 Visa

L-1 Vs E-2 Visa

Entering and working in the U.S. can be achieved under various employment visa options, and the L-1 and E-2 visas are some of the most utilized of these options. But while they both grant holders the ability to live and work in the U.S. temporarily, they have several differences that may make one more applicable to your case than the other. Let’s explore the things that differentiate these two types of visas.

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E-2 Visa Documents: Evidence to File

E-2 Visa Documents

The U.S. government has reserved visa classifications for countries with which it maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation. Among other things, the citizens of these countries are given the privilege of setting up investment as E-2 Treaty Investors or work as E-2 Treaty Employees in the U.S. It comes with many benefits for the investors, their employees, and their family members.

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H-1B Wage Level 1 RFEs – How to Avoid & Respond

H-1B Wage Level 1 RFEs

The H1-B visa category used to be an incredibly reliable visa category with clear guidelines on how a petitioner will be assessed and granted a visa. Unfortunately, there has been some recent confusion with respect to changes in how H1-B applications are scrutinized in the spirit of the recent executive order to “Buy American Hire American.” This has spurred a recent increase in H1-B visa wage level 11 RFEs. If you’re not sure what that is or if you want to avoid it altogether, this post is for you. Continue reading

J-1 to H-1B Visa

J-1 to H-1B

The J-1 and H-1B visas are both temporary nonimmigrant visas that allow foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. However, their similarities end there. The J-1 is based on programs while the H-1B uses employers as sponsors. There is a limited list of occupations that qualify for the J-1 while the H-1B allows people from a wide range of jobs to apply. If you have a J-1 visa and are interested in changing your status to an H-1B, this post will cover the entire process including the processing time, J-1 waivers, fees, and more.

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J-1 Waiver: Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

J-1 Waiver_ Marriage To a U.S. Citizen

The J-1 visa is a common and popular nonimmigrant work and study visa that encourages foreign nationals to come to the U.S. temporarily to learn and gain skills to take back to their home country. J-1 visa holders are completely free to marry U.S. citizens, but that does not automatically qualify them for permanent resident status (green card). In order to make that transition, there are several steps that need to be taken.

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L-1 Versus H-1B Visas

L-1 vs H-1B Visa

Two of the most common nonimmigrant work visas are the L-1 and H-1B visas. Because of their similarities, it can be difficult to tell the difference and even more difficult to decide between the two if you are in the process of choosing a route to the U.S. In short, the L-1 is more appropriate for those that work for multinational companies while the H-1B is more appropriate for those that wish to have more flexibility in their job.

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Work Permit (I-765) Renewal

Work Permit Renewal

Entering the United States with a visa does not necessarily guarantee you the right to work. For many nonimmigrant visas (such as the H-4 visa), you will need to get a work permit to be able to be employed in the country. Your journey to getting permission to be employed in the U.S. begins by filing the I-765 form for Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). But these are not issued on a permanent basis, so you will need to renew your EAD after a certain amount of time. Continue reading

H1B Lottery 2018-2019 | Results, Process, and Chances (Updated 2/25/19)

H-1B Lottery 2019 Results

Check out “The Complete Guide on H-1B Visa 2019-20 News, Quota, Lottery Predictions

The United States Citizen and Immigration Services officially announced on April 12, 2018 that the H-1B lottery was completed for fiscal year 2018-19. Only 190,098 petitions were received from the beginning of the season (April 2nd) to the official completion date on April 6th. On April 11th, the computer-generation selection process picked at random the designated number of petitions to meet the cap.

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TN Visa to Green Card

TN Visa to Green Card

There are many effective ways to live in work in the U.S. temporarily, one of which being the advantageous TN visa. With no annual cap and a relatively low cost to apply, the TN is the perfect visa for Canadian and Mexican workers. But what if you want to make your stay a permanent one? Keep reading to find out what it takes to go from a TN visa to green card status and how you can make the transition as smoothly as possible.

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