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There are countless avenues to immigrate to the United States including student visas, visitor exchange visas, asylum, deferred action. Read more to see if any of these fit your specific situation.

Other Immigration Matters Articles

  • tps requirements

    TPS Requirements & Eligibility Complete Guide 2022

    Published on May 24, 2022

    Ukraine and Sudan are the two most recent countries to receive Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) due to the unsafe living conditions from the war with Russia and political unrest in Sudan. There are about 59,600 individuals from Ukraine in the U.S. who may be eligible for…

  • work permit renewal

    Work Permit (EAD) Renewal: The Complete Guide 2022

    Published on May 11, 2022

    Getting your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) will not be the last time you have to go through the process. Your EAD has an expiration date, and you should be well prepared and ready for a work permit renewal long before that date. This 2022 complete guide is the first significant step in that preparation. We’ll…

  • checking uscis case status

    Are You Checking USCIS Case Status and Processing Times Accurately?

    Published on April 19, 2022

    You’ve filled out the forms, paid the fees, have your USCIS receipt number, and now the waiting game begins. With backlogs, government interruptions, and changing policies, waiting can be stressful, but the best way to help ease that stress is by checking USCIS case status. Checking USCIS processing times is used to see how long…

  • F-1 Grace Period

    What is the F-1 Grace Period?

    Published on April 04, 2022

    The F-1 visa exists for foreign nationals who want to come to the United States and enroll as full-time academic students at an accredited university, college, conservatory, high school, elementary, or other educational institution (including language training programs). Individuals interested in attending a vocational or nonacademic institution should explore the M visa program. The U.S….

  • Visa Overstay Forgiveness

    How to Receive Visa Overstay Forgiveness | Guide

    Published on April 02, 2022

    In 2019, over half a million nonimmigrants overstayed their visas, based on the Department of Homeland Security reports. If you remain in the United States past the expiration date of your issued Form I-94, this is what’s known as overstaying your visa. The consequence of doing so can be pretty serious including facing deportation and…

  • OPT eligibility

    F-1 Visa OPT Eligibility Requirements

    Published on March 30, 2022

    Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a form of temporary work authorization for international students under F-1 visa status (who have just graduated with their degrees or have been studying for over nine months) to work legally in the United States temporarily. The purpose of the OPT is to have the students apply what they have…

  • what is esta authorization

    What is ESTA? Do YOU need it to travel to the U.S.?   

    Published on March 29, 2022

    Since 2009, travelers under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) have been required to have ESTA travel authorization to enter the United States (minors included). ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is an automated system that indicates a person’s eligibility to travel to the United States before boarding a U.S.-bound plane and if…

  • work authorization

    DACA’s I-765WS Worksheet for Employment

    Published on March 28, 2022

    The I-765 Worksheet is for those applying for employment authorization, otherwise known as a work permit, and falls under either Deferred Action or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). USCIS uses the Worksheet to determine whether they can grant work authorization due to economic needs. This post will break down each section and explore some…