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Former and current VisaNation Law Group clients describe the quality of our services and their experiences working with us. Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes as each case is unique.

  • "I got the sense they genuinely cared and took pride in their service"
    Working with VisaNation Law Group immediately gave me a degree of undoubtable reassurance that I had chosen the best possible firm to represent my E2 visa application, which in turn was inevitably approved. Going through this process was extremely mentally challenging and the approval was a life-defining moment for me. Shilpa Malik and her team really helped to make me feel important and my case was a priority. Most importantly, I got the sense they genuinely cared and took pride in their service. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Shilpa Malik.
    - Nathan Mairs
  • "The team has been very professional and responsive over email and phone."
    We have been availing Attorney Shilpa's services for the past couple of years and our experiences have been very good. She has a very deep understanding on complex areas of immigration. The team has been very professional and responsive over email and phone. I would highly recommend VisaNation Law Group immigration services. Thank you so much for all your help !!
    - Pankaj Singh
  • I bought a 30 minute appointment. Ms Malik's advice was spot-on, very reassuring. She doesn't look at the clock and even offered to help me with my letter, for free. I will definitely buy another appointment, when I need it next time.
    - Maximilian Haeussler
  • I really don't know how to express my gratitude to Attorney Shilpa and her team..one of the best...very fast and accurate in what she does...replies to all your queries very patiently...we can feel super relieved after leaving our issues to her and they will take care of everything!!
    - Swetha Suresh
  • "For a team I have never met personally, they have made this entire journey a very smooth transition"
    I must say that Attorney Malik and Steve Valencia have both been phenomenal during the entire process of H1-B visa applications and the journey to permanent residency (Green Card). I was based in New York and though Attorney Malik and her team are situated in Florida, they responded immediately to my over the phone and email consultation, questions and requests and communicated with me directly and promptly. For a team I have never met personally, they have made this entire journey a very smooth transition for me from beginning to end.
    - Kavita Supersadsingh, Argus Community Inc
  • "open to my concerns during each step of the process"
    Sometimes the naturalization process does not go as smooth as we would like it to go, and you require the services of an expert to deal with the matter. I found attorney Shilpa Malik to be very interested while being objective and detail-oriented in her determination of the best path to handle the case. Working with her was a pleasure, always responding to my emails and open to my concerns during each step of the process. I don't write as many reviews online as I perhaps should, but I had to share my positive experience as it meant so much to me.
    - Sean Knowles
  • "We totally recommend them because they are very knowledgeable."
    My mom and I don't have enough words to thank attorney Malik and Steve for all the help they gave us throughout my mom's naturalization process. My mom's case was not easy and we went with 3 attorneys in the past and no one was able to help her. Until we came across with attorney Malik who was very professional and helpful and made possible that my mom got her green card. We totally recommend them because they are very knowledgeable, professional, they answer all of your questions and they'll stay with you until the end of the process.
    - Jennifer Ahumada
  • "I recommend anyone applying for the E2 visa to hire her firm, I guarantee you will be successful!'
    I reached out to Shilpa and her law firm back in November 2017 to help me with my E2 visa process. Shilpa was the 11th attorney I had reached out to in less than a month. The way she took the time to understand my case and guide me during our 30 minutes initially call made me take my decision quite easily and don't regret at all! I've worked with Shilpa and her team for 5 months and got my E2 visa approved yesterday! I recommend anyone applying for the E2 visa to hire her firm, I guarantee you will be successful!
    - Nadjmat Abdoulhakime
  • "They definitely met and exceeded my expectations."
    I had the pleasure to work with Shilpa and Ashley towards a O-1 Visa application. Both Shilpa and Ashley were very professional and extremely helpful from the first moment. They made sure that I understand what is expected from me and were always available to respond to any questions. They showed real dedication, interest and commitment to help me with the application and I never felt like a 'client'. This is something very important given how stressful these applications can be for any applicants. Working with individuals that can show emotional empathy was one of the most important criterion for me to select the right lawyers and they definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Shilpa's practice.
    - Sakis Kotsantonis
  • "We were subjected to a high level of professionalism and most importantly respect"
    Our search for a knowledgeable and courteous immigration law firm came to an end, when we landed on VisaNation's webpage. Right from the initial consultation, to all the way after we got our investor visa, we were subjected to a high level of professionalism and most importantly respect by Shilpa and team. They explained to us very patiently about the process, protocols as well as prepared us adequately for the interview at the consulate.
  • "very fast"
    Very responsive and proficient team. We have been using them for almost 2 years, every single case has been very successful. They move forward very fast and maintain an open line of communication throughout the entire process.
    - Masoume Jaberi, Smith Engineering Company
  • "Her and her team are extremely attentive, responsive and efficient."
    They helped me with what many other lawyers had called a very tricky RFE for my H1B application. Shilpa made me feel like no mountain was too hard to climb and brought me and my family a lot of reassurance, support and advice during a time of sheer uncertainty. Her and her team are extremely attentive, responsive and efficient.
    - Christie Chapman, Social Native Inc
  • "cost-effective but extremely efficient"
    Over the years I've had numerous types of US visas and worked with different attorneys. Shilpa and her team are by far the best group I've worked with - cost-effective, but extremely efficient, knowledgeable...
    - Scott Dow, Next Mission Inc
  • "incredibly knowledgeable"
    "Hands down the most efficient and brilliant lawyers. I would highly recommend Shilpa and her team for all visa related issues, she is incredibly knowledgeable in this space and does not shy away from a challenging case!.”
    - Siyaa Munjal, Social Native Inc
  • "A great value for the quality of service."
    My company used Shilpa and her team to successfully obtain an H1B Visa for an employee. They were professional, fast, and accessible. They made the entire process stress-free by clearly communicating expectations & deadlines. Compared to other attorneys we have worked with, they were also very affordable—a great value for the quality of service.
    - Waltz Networks Inc
  • "very organized"
    OUTSTANDING! Attorney Malik and Attorney Gruber did an excellent job helping to obtain our E2 visa. I was on an L1A which I received through another firm however we needed a change. They are very organized, hard-working with excellent communication skills. I will be recommending their services!
    - L'ESCAPE Worldwide
  • "so helpful and professional"
    I had a great experience with VisaNation Law Group. Everyone was so helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this firm for immigration legal matters.
    - Reda Geceviciute
  • Zoe Parvez
    "very kind and personable"
    I really appreciated Shilpa Malik's diligence to every aspect of my case. These processes can be extremely stressful, and Shilpa was very kind and personable. Providing me with realistic expectations as well as her attention to detail make her extremely competent. I would, without any hesitation, recommend her.
    - Zoia Parvez
  • "Showed great mastery of the relevant laws and issues"
    I highly recommend Shilpa Malik to any person (client or fellow attorney) with an immigration law issue. Shilpa assisted me with a challenging immigration law matter, including a discretionary issue that could have gone either way, depending upon how it was handled. She resolved the matter successfully and showed great mastery of the relevant laws and issues, including the ones that weren't apparent from the face of the regulations, but require deep hands-on experience to understand.
    - Michael Allen
  • "They can be trusted blindly for their commitments and professional ethics!!"
    Myself and my company really appreciates the hardwork put together by Shilpa, Ashley, and the team towards the L1A Functional Manager Visa petition and RFE and approval. The details of managerial role, domain and day to day function was exhaustive to absorb and process to present appropriately to make it detailed and well structured. The team really worked hard towards this and the result is an approved Visa. Myself and my company would definitely recommend Shilpa Malik and her legal services and can say that they can be trusted blindly for their commitments and professional ethics!!
    - Satish Kumar

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