Family Based Immigration

Are you trying to be reunited with a family member (spouse, child, parent, or sibling) in the United States? We understand that being separated from a loved one can be stressful and our goal with each case it to surpass the legal hurdles so your family can be together once again.

Key Points to Know

  • Total green card fees vary based on the individual circumstances of a case but you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,340 to $3,090 or more.
  • The relationship you have to have to the U.S. citizen will depend on your wait time and other associated fees.
  • An experienced immigration attorney is best qualified to help you with you case and ensure the highest chances for approval.

Family Based Immigration Articles

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    Family-Based Green Card Application Fees: Breakdown for All Relatives

    Published on April 04, 2024

    On this page, you will learn about family-based green card filing fees, how much it costs to sponsor an immigrant and all other information related to the cost of a green card application. Every family-based green card application process starts by filing forms such as the I-130 and I-485, depending on the location of the green…

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    The Parent Green Card Guide | Document Checklist, Process, Interview

    Published on March 29, 2024

    If you want to make the U.S. feel more like home, bringing your parents vis-à-vis a parent green card can be the missing key! Assuming you meet the guidelines and requirements, it’s never been easier to bring your parents to the U.S. with VisaNation’s exclusive service. Get started today, and start the immigration process that…

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    Immigration Reference Letter for A Family Member | Sample, Process and Tips

    Published on March 27, 2024

    An immigration reference letter can be a powerful tool to help bolster your case for a visa. It’s important, however, that it contains the relevant components that USCIS is looking for to make a decision on your case.  Since judges have discretion in deciding a case’s outcome, it can be beneficial to demonstrate that your…

  • green card for parents in 2024

    How to Get a Green Card for Your Parents | Processing Time

    Published on March 18, 2024

    The strain of being separated from your parents or other family members in the U.S. can be very difficult. The United States has a family-based green card process that allows U.S. citizens to petition for their parents/other immediate relatives and U.S. permanent residents to sponsor spouses, minor children, and unmarried children over the age of…

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    How Much Does a K-1 Visa Cost in 2023? Price Breakdown

    Published on November 30, 2023

    Embarking on the journey of uniting with your foreign fiancé(e) in the U.S. is an exciting venture, but like any significant life event, it comes with its own set of expenses. The K-1 visa, commonly known as the fiancé visa, is a pathway filled with various costs, some apparent and others hidden beneath layers of…

  • How to sponsor an immigrant friend to the U.S. for 2023

    How to Sponsor an Immigrant | Friend or Family

    Published on November 14, 2023

    Whether it’s a friend or a family member, sponsoring an immigrant can be a life-changing move. The process may be difficult, but the ultimate reward—having your loved ones close by to enrich your life—makes every step worth it. Family-based green cards can be difficult to obtain, considering the immigration laws and the numerous forms required….