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  • H1b alternatives

    H1B Cap Reached: H1B Alternatives & Options for Sponsorship

    Posted on April 05, 2021

    As you may have seen from some of our recent H-1B visa updates, the H-1B lottery winners for FY 2022 cap have been selected, and the attorneys/employers who submitted the registrations have been notified. You can confirm whether or not USCIS selected your registration by going into the MyUSCIS portal and seeing if the word 'selected' shows up next to your registration. If you were not selected, there are H-1B alternatives that you can explore to work legally in the United States. It's best to discuss these options with your immigration attorney, so you have the highest chance of obtaining…

  • H1b lottery completed

    H1B Lottery Selection Completed | File Your Full Petition by June 30th

    Posted on March 29, 2021

    USCIS has announced that they have completed the H1-B lottery and made their selections for the FY 2022 Cap Season. USCIS received over 85,000 registration submissions, so a lottery was necessary. If you were selected in the H-1B lottery, USCIS will notify your employer or lawyer who submitted your registration. Important: Fully-completed H-1B visa petitions need to include a copy of the Registration Selection notice and must be filed at the USCIS service center indicated on the Registration Selection notice. Update: If you were not selected in the FY 2021-2022 H-1B lottery, learn about your other options in this post.…

  • Public Charge Rule Blocked

    Trump-Era Public Charge Rule Blocked; Reverts to Old Version

    Posted on March 25, 2021

    In the latest public charge rule news, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) formally announced that the Biden Administration would no longer be applying the Trump-era changes to the rule, which made it difficult for lower-income to obtain lawful permanent U.S. residency (i.e., green card). DHS Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas said the Trump-era public charge rule was blocked because it was "not in keeping with our nation's values" and "penalized those who access health benefits and other government services available to them." [lwptoc min="1"] Public Charge Rule Blocked 2021: Key Points Beginning March 9, 2021, the DHS will no longer…

  • March 2021 visa bulletin

    April 2021 Visa Bulletin: Analysis & Predictions

    Posted on March 17, 2021

    One of the biggest parts of getting a green card in the U.S. is waiting for your priority date to be current. For those that have invested the time, effort, and money into an immigrant visa, questions arise such as "How long will it take for my date to be current?" and "Can I speed this process up?." We provide regular monthly updates on the most recent visa bulletin, an analysis of the date movements, and what predictions are made about the coming months to help answer these questions. This month, we’ll go over the April 2021 visa bulletin. If…

  • h1b masters cap

    H1B Master’s Cap: The Definitive Guide to increasing Your Odds (Updated: 3/29/21)

    Posted on March 01, 2021

    As we enter the H-1B 2021-2022 season, U.S. employers and prospective foreign employees are preparing to submit their registrations and enter the annual H-1B lottery. One way to make your registration stand out is to enter the H-1B master's cap degree exemption, a separate lottery for those who possess advanced degrees from eligible institutions. (more…)

  • k1 visa questions

    K1 Visa Questions | Fiancé Visa Frequently Asked Questions

    Posted on February 28, 2021

    The K-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa designed for a foreign fiancé to come to the United States to join their U.S. citizen partner. One of the major K-1 visa requirements includes the couple needing to get married within 90 days of the foreign partner entering the U.S. We’ll explore common K-1 visa questions including travel restrictions, processing time, income requirements, Form I-129F, and all other K-1 visa requirements. (more…)

  • h1b lottery results

    H1B Lottery Results: The Definitive Guide on 2021-22 Lottery Chances (Updated: 3/29/21)

    Posted on February 28, 2021

    We have the full information on last year's H-1B lottery results as well as some information on your H-1B lottery chances in the 2021-2022 season. Under the regular cap, 65,000 petitions will be selected in addition to 20,000 for the advanced degree exemption. Here you'll find what your current H-1B lottery odds are, and we'll update once the registration period ends to narrow down H-1b probability. (more…)

  • immigration ban

    Biden Reverses Trump-Era Order Temporarily Banning Some Visas

    Posted on February 26, 2021

    In another move by the Biden Administration to reform U.S. immigration policies, On February 24, 2021, Biden reversed a Trump-era immigration ban that blocked the issuance of many green cards and nonimmigrant visas in response to the global pandemic. What was the Trump Immigration Ban? Former President Trump issued the executive order "Suspension of Entry of Immigrants Who Present a Risk to the United States Labor Market During the Economic Recovery Following the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak" on April 22, 2020, and then extended it on December 31, 2020, until the end of March of this year. Biden was quoted…