PERM Labor Certification

A PERM Labor Certification allows an employer to hire a foreign national to work permanently in the U.S. Utilizing our advanced technology you can save time and effort in filing for employment-based immigration cases for your work force including the PERM Labor Certification.

PERM Labor Certification Articles

  • PERM Audit Reasons and Triggers 2020

    PERM Audit Reasons & Triggers

    Published on August 15, 2020

    Approximately 30% of PERM Labor Certification cases get selected randomly for audit by the Department of Labor (DOL). In an effort to ensure that all applicants are transparent and honest in the process, a PERM audit may be requested by DOL officials. In this article, we’ll explore PERM audit reasons and ways in which you…

  • Impact of Merger and Acquisition on green card

    How a Company Merger or Acquisitions Impacts Your Green Card

    Published on August 06, 2020

      As individuals in business know, acquisitions, mergers, and other significant financial dealings can substantially affect aspects of a company. These matters can even disrupt the validity of a PERM labor certification that is pending or approved for a foreign national unless the new company also acquired the associated interests associated with the original LC…

  • PERM Processing Time in 2021

    PERM Processing Time in 2021 | EB-2 & EB-3 Green Card Timeline (Updated: 4/22/21)

    Published on April 20, 2020

    PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) labor certification is a process that employers must go through in order to hire a foreign immigrant worker on a permanent basis. It is the first step for a foreign national to obtain a green card. The PERM Labor Certificate processing time has widely varied over time and even today…

  • employer sponsored green

    Employer Sponsored Green Card | Process and Costs

    Published on June 02, 2017

    There are many ways to immigrate to the United States based on an employment offer or job-related opportunity. To do so, however, it’s your responsibility as the foreign worker to demonstrate that no other domestic worker is available, or qualified to take the position.

  • PERM Labor Certification Transfer

    PERM Labor Certification Transfer of Employment | Changing Jobs During the PERM Process

    Published on May 25, 2017

      The first step along the road to most employment-based green cards is to get a PERM Labor Certification. However, throughout the immigration process, other offers may arise that work better for your situation. This is why we often get the question: can I get a PERM Labor Certification transfer and change my job during the…

  • PERM Denial Without Audit

    PERM Denial without Audit: Options, Next Steps, Refile

    Published on August 20, 2015

      Have you received a PERM denial? Wondering why your case was rejected without even receiving an audit? A PERM denial without audit can seem like a devastating outcome after working tirelessly to submit all the required documentation and paying the accompanying attorney fees. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for many individuals who file PERM applications….