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  • checking uscis case status

    Are You Checking USCIS Case Status and Processing Times Accurately?

    Published on January 14, 2021

    You’ve filled out the forms, paid the fees, have your USCIS receipt number, and now the waiting game begins. With backlogs, government interruptions, and changing policies, waiting can be stressful, but the best way to help ease that stress is by checking USCIS case status. Checking USCIS processing times is not only used to see…

  • January 2021 Visa Bulletin

    January 2021 Visa Bulletin

    Published on December 26, 2020

    One of the biggest parts of getting a green card in the U.S. is waiting for your priority date to be current. For those that have invested the time, effort, and money into an immigrant visa, questions arise such as “How long will it take for my date to be current?” and “Can I speed…

  • public charge rule

    Public Charge Rule Defeated Again Nationwide

    Published on November 04, 2020

    The Trump Administration’s public charge rule has been shut down again nationwide by a U.S. District Court judge after a previous judge limited the injunction of the rule to only three states. Although it can still be brought up to and reversed by the Supreme Court, at the moment USCIS may not implement any of…

  • USCIS Fee Increase

    Federal Judge Blocks USCIS Fee Increase

    Published on September 30, 2020

    A U.S. District Court judge blocked the USCIS fee increase that was to take place starting October 2, 2020. The fee increase would’ve affected every business, organization, and individual that uses USCIS’s services.

  • U.S. Looks to Expand Collection of Biometric Data from Immigrants

    U.S. Looks to Collect More Biometric Data

    Published on September 08, 2020

    On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced plans to expand its collection of personal information from immigrants seeking U.S. visas and citizenship. DHS stated that it would soon release a formal proposal for new guidelines regarding the department authorities and methods for the expansion of biometric data collection.

  • USCIS Fee Changes 2020

    USCIS Will Make Significant Fee Changes Starting in October

    Published on August 29, 2020

    Starting on October 2, 2020, applicants requesting certain naturalization and immigration benefits should prepare for some changes to the current filing fees.

  • USCIS furloughs

    How USCIS Furloughs Will Affect Your Immigration Application

    Published on August 19, 2020

    Note: As predicted as a possible option in the earlier version of this article, USCIS furloughs were delayed. “USCIS expects to be able to maintain operations through the end of fiscal year 2020,” wrote USCIS in a statement on August 25, 2020. “Aggressive spending reduction measures will impact all agency operations, including naturalizations, and will…

  • i-94 extension

    The Definitive Guide to I-94 Extension: Process, Fee, Processing Time

    Published on August 17, 2020

    A repeating point of confusion for nonimmigrants entering the country with a valid visa is the difference between their visa expiration date and their I-94 expiration date. Many nonimmigrants catch themselves in a panic when they realize they need to file a I-94 extension before their visa expires in order to remain in the country….