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  • public charge rule revised

    Revised Public Charge Rule Effective Beginning this December 2022

    Published on September 23, 2022

    Effective December 23, 2022, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s final rule regarding the amended criteria for a person to be deemed a public charge will go into effect. The changes fall in line with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) direction dating back to the late 90s. What Does it Mean to Be a…

  • February 2022 visa bulletin

    October 2022 Visa Bulletin: Analysis & Predictions

    Published on September 14, 2022

    One of the most significant parts of getting a green card in the U.S. is waiting for your priority date to be current. For those that have invested the time, effort, and money into an immigrant visa, questions arise such as “How long will it take for my date to be current?” and “Can I…

  • H-1B 2023 Cap Reached

    Published on August 24, 2022

    USCIS announced today that they have received 483,927 H-1B visa registrations and selected 127,600 (about 26%) in the first round for FY 2023. USCIS’ selections met the mandated 65,000 in the regular cap and the 20,000 allotted for the master’s cap (advanced degree exemption), totaling 85,000. This post will explore what that means for those…

  • form i 407

    Form I-407: Give Up Permanent Residency [2022]

    Published on August 17, 2022

    In some situations, an individual may be motivated to abandon their legal permanent resident status. For instance, if you are moving to another country and that requires you to renounce your LPR status in the U.S. Doing so is voluntary and should be done via Form I-407. This form records the abandonment of the individual’s…

  • undocumented immigrant I.D. Card

    Undocumented Immigrants Could Be Getting National I.D. Cards, Secure Docket Cards

    Published on August 10, 2022

    With the rise in border crossings and undocumented immigrants arriving into the United States, the Biden Administration plans to test a national temporary I.D. card system, the Secure Docket Card. Those with pending cases would get the temporary card. Learn about the Secure Docket Card, what it plans to solve, and what it might look…

  • uscis daca application

    DACA Application & Requirements: The Complete Guide for Recipients

    Published on August 04, 2022

    While the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA as it’s more commonly known, has been around for ten years, its future is still very much unknown. The program essentially grants undocumented immigrants who came here as children the ability to receive work authorization and social security cards. In this guide we’ll take a…

  • NIV appointments india

    Modifications for Non-Immigrant Visa Appointments in India Due to Exploitation

    Published on July 29, 2022

    Since the pandemic began, the demand for nonimmigrant visa appointments (NIV) has outpaced the available manpower and resulted in a shortage of available slots. Certain individuals have taken advantage of this situation and booked visa appointments in bulk and then charged visa applicants seeking a time slot for their immigration needs. This type of abuse…

  • expanded premium processing

    Second Phase of Premium Processing Available Soon for Some I-140 Petitions

    Published on July 29, 2022

    USCIS will soon be expanding its premium processing services available to some pending I-140 petitions in the EB1(C) multinational executive category and I-140 petitions under the  EB2 national interest waiver (NIW). This expansion is the second phase in USCIS’ effort to roll out the availability of the premium processing service. Premium Processing Expansion Background USCIS…