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  • PERM Processing Time in 2021

    PERM Processing Time

    Published on October 09, 2023

    PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) labor certification is a process that employers may go through in order to hire a foreign immigrant worker on a permanent basis. Stated another way, this is one of the most common methods an employer may sponsor a foreign worker for a green card. The PERM Labor Certificate processing time has…

  • h1b to green card cover image

    H-1B to Green Card: Process, Steps & Timeline

    Published on August 14, 2023

    The H-1B visa is the most popular U.S. visa due to its numerous benefits, especially the opportunity to apply for a green card application. One of the most common terms related to the H-1B visa is “dual intent” which refers to certain temporary visa classifications with the option of green card application. Not all temporary/nonimmigrant…

  • Green Card Types in the US Cover Photo

    Types of Green Cards in the U.S. in 2023

    Published on April 24, 2023

    The U.S. issues nearly a million green cards every year through various immigration streams. Securing a green card is the primary U.S. immigration pathway for any foreigner that wants to live and work in the U.S. and eventually receive citizenship. There are numerous green card categories and types of green cards within each category. On…

  • Green Card Consular Processing Cover photo

    How a Company Merger or Acquisitions Impacts Your Green Card

    Published on November 02, 2022

    As individuals in business know, acquisitions, mergers, and other significant financial dealings can substantially affect aspects of a company. These matters can even disrupt the validity of a PERM labor certification that is pending or approved for a foreign national unless the new company also acquired the associated interests associated with the original LC application.

  • Can A Small Business Sponsor a Green Card in 2023

    How A Small Business Can Sponsor a Green Card

    Published on October 26, 2022

    As a small business owner, you may have job openings that no U.S. employee is willing to take or have a nonimmigrant employee whom you’d like to make a permanent worker. If you are facing either of these two scenarios and are wondering if your small business can meet the eligibility requirements for sponsoring a…

  • PERM Labor Certification Portability

    PERM Labor Certification Transfer of Employment | Changing Jobs During the PERM Process

    Published on September 16, 2022

    The first step along the road to most employment-based green cards is to get a PERM Labor Certification. However, throughout the immigration process, other offers may arise that work better for your situation. This is why we often get the question: can I get a PERM Labor Certification transfer and change my job during the…

  • NIW vs PERM

    NIW vs PERM Labor Certification | Differences, Pitfalls, Uses

    Published on July 12, 2017

    The world of immigration law is complex and difficult to master. Unless you’re an immigration attorney, you can’t be expected to know everything about every form and policy. So it comes as no surprise when people ask a question such as this: “what is the difference between the NIW and the PERM Labor Certification?” Fortunately,…

  • employer sponsored green

    Employer Sponsored Green Card | Process and Costs

    Published on June 02, 2017

    There are many ways to immigrate to the United States based on an employment offer or job-related opportunity. To do so, however, it’s your responsibility as the foreign worker to demonstrate that no other domestic worker is available, or qualified to take the position.