H-1B Transfer

H-1B Visa Fees Summary

  • Registration Fee: $10 for 2024 season and $215 after 1/4/2024
  • Basic Filing Fee: $780 for bigger companies; $460 for small employers and nonprofits
  • (ACWIA) Training Fee: $750- $1,500
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee: $500
  • Public Law 114-113 Fee: companies with upwards of 50 employees with over half on H-1B or L-1 status $4,000.
  • Asylum Program Fee: $600 for employers with 26 or more Full-Time Employees (FTEs); $300 for small employers (25 FTEs or less); $0 for nonprofit organizations
  • Premium Processing: $2,805

H-1B Transfer Articles

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    H-1B Amendment for Location Change

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    When someone receives an H-1B transfer RFE (Request for Evidence), they may feel overwhelmed and anxious. However, it’s important to understand that an H-1B visa transfer RFE is simply a request from USCIS for additional evidence before deciding whether to approve or deny the H-1B application. It’s crucial to complete the request thoroughly, and it’s…

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    H-1B Grace Period: 10 Days, 60 Days and 180 Days

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    Losing an H-1B employment opportunity before the agreed-upon period ends can be very stressful. Fortunately, there are protections in place so that you have a period of time to secure alternative employment should an unforeseen termination occur. The 60-day H-1B grace period can be used to find another employer, change visa status, or leave the…

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    Transfer F-1 Status to H-1B – Without OPT or Graduation Guide

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    The F-1 visa is a student category visa, allowing holders to come to the United States as full-time students. But many students want to transition to working in the U.S. after their studies, and the H-1B visa is one of the most popular work visas available. The question is: can you transfer to an H-1B…