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Form DS-260 (Immigrant Visa Application) is an online form that needs to be filled out by individuals and family members applying for the Diversity Visa as well as anyone who is trying to get a marriage-based green card and living outside of the U.S. Also called the Immigrant Visa Application, the DS-260 is intended for permanent residents who have the intention of staying in the United States, not just those traveling to the U.S. temporarily for work or pleasure. On the form, you will be asked questions about your background, places you have resided (since 16 years old), educational history, questions about family members,  and other important details relating to past life events.

DS-260 Processing Time

The DS-260 is processed through the National Visa Center (NVC) in conjunction with the local United States embassy or consulate where you live. You can find the DS-260 via the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC)  by going to the State Department’s website and then clicking on “Submit Visa Application and Civil Documents” or on your respective U.S. embassy or consulate website.


form ds 260

Diversity Visa Program

If you are filling out the DS-260 for the Diversity Visa Program, then you’ll need to first enter your Diversity Visa case number (found on your selection notice) onto the online DS-260 form. From there, you can access and update any information about yourself and/or your family that you originally submitted in your Diversity Visa entry application.

If there have been changes to the information in between submitting the entry application—like having a child or getting married—you’ll need to make those changes on Form DS-260. Technically, the term “family member” on the form refers to a spouse and/or unmarried children under the age of 21 when you entered the Diversity Visa program. Note that when you add relatives, you’ll need to submit documentation proving the familial relationship as well. Sometimes we’ll see that applicants had a spouse or a child before submitting the Diversity Visa entry, but they did not include them on the form. If that’s your case, then this may make you ineligible.

It’s never wise to lie on immigration documentation because it can ruin your chances of being approved for a visa. After you submit Form DS-260, print the confirmation page and take it with you to your visa interview.

Marriage-Based Green Card

If you are ready to file Form DS-260 online, then that means your I-130 has been approved, you submitted your DS-261, and you paid the State Department’s application processing fee and financial support form fee. After those payments are processed, you can then go fill out the DS-260.

You will need:

  • Your Case Number
  • Beneficiary ID number
  • Invoice number from National Visa Center welcome notice

Fill out the DS-260 in English only. If your name or address has characters that are not available in the Roman alphabet, you need to use the corresponding letters. The National Visa Center, upon receiving your submitted DS-260, will send you a receipt notice. The receipt notice typically arrives the same day you submitted the DS-260. You’ll also need to provide the necessary supporting documentation for your case—either by email, mail, or upload—depending on which consulate is processing your case. Carefully read the notice the NVC sends to you to know which way to submit the required additional documents. As a rule of thumb, do not send them the original if they request them by mail but instead, make copies of the originals and send those. You can bring the originals with you to the U.S. consulate for your green card interview.

Supporting Documentation

Below are the supporting documents required from the applicant’s spouse as well as the sponsoring spouse. You do not need to send the originals, but provide copies of the following:

Applicant’s Spouse Documents

  • Evidence of nationality (i.e., copy of a birth certificate, passport photo page)
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copy of marriage termination documentation if there are past marriages (copies of divorce or death certificates)
  • Copy of military record, if applicable
  • Copy of police certificates—also known as police clearance letters—demonstrating you have not committed any infractions. These must be obtained from:
    • Anywhere you lived in your home country for a minimum of six months after turning 16 years old
    • Anywhere you lived outside of your home country where you lived for at least one year after age 16
    • Any jurisdiction where you were arrested or committed a crime regardless of how long you lived there or age

Sponsoring Spouse Documents

  • Evidence proving you can financially support your spouse in the U.S.; Affidavit of Support I-864
  • Copy of marriage termination documentation if there are past marriages (copies of divorce or deaths certificates)
  • Documentation showing proof of domicile (i.e., copy of a state-issued identification or other proof of address)

After submitting all the appropriate documents, it normally can take a few months to have your visa interview scheduled. Keep an eye out for a notice from the National Visa Center for your assigned interview date and time.

DS-260 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Form DS-260?

The DS-260, Immigrant Visa Application, is an online form for individuals and family members applying for the Diversity Visa as well as anyone who is trying to get a marriage-based green card and living out of the U.S. You submit Form DS-260 after your I-130 has been approved, and you have submitted your DS-261 and the required fees were paid for the State Department’s application processing fee and financial support form fee. After the payments are processed, you then fill out and submit Form DS-260.

Can I see a sample DS-260?

You can see a sample DS-260 by clicking here. If you are in the middle of filing out the DS-260 and have to leave the online form to gather information, you can click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of every page and then return to complete it at a later point.

How much is the DS-260 fee?

The USCIS Immigrant Fee is $220 and is required for USCIS to create and send you your physical green card. As soon as your receive your visa stamp, which you will use to enter into the U.S., it’s important to pay the fee online. USCIS will send the physical green card to the U.S. address you specified roughly three-to-four weeks after entering the United States.

How long does DS-260 take to process?

The length of processing will depend on many factors, including the wait times and backlog of the NVC, USCIS, and individual service centers amid the pandemic. The first part of the process is to have your I-130 approved by USCIS, and this can take 7–15 months or longer depending on your case.

How can I check my DS-260 status?

You can check your case status by logging into the CEAC website.

Can I answer the questions in my native language?

No, you must answer all required questions in English only. If you submit your application in a different language than English, it will likely get rejected, and you will have to redo the application with your answers in English.

Is it mandatory to complete all the fields?

You can leave the fields marked “optional” blank, but you must complete the rest of the fields. It is wise to have an experienced immigration expert review your paperwork to avoid any mistakes or setbacks in the green card process.

What is the DS-261 for?

This online form asks questions regarding ways to contact you and your current address so that the State Department can communicate with you during the process. This information must be accurate and up-to-date because it will be the information used to contact you directly in your country.

Do I need to bring the DS-260 with me to my interview?

You do not need to bring it because the officer interviewing you will have full access to your application.

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