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  • H-1B Revoked & Layoffs

    H1B Revoked & Layoffs: FAQs

    Published on September 21, 2022

    Getting an H-1B visa is no small feat. Between finding an employer to sponsor you, being selected in the cap, and waiting until October 1st to start working, the H-1B is a visa that is more involved than most other nonimmigrant options. For this reason, having your H-1B revoked can be devastating. Even though it’s…

  • H-1B Visa Application Process Cover Photo

    H-1B Application Process: Step by Step Guide

    Published on September 17, 2022

    The H-1B application process is highly complex and involves numerous steps, which are described in detail on this page. H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits foreign workers in specialty occupations to enter the country. While the H-1B already has an application process that is more complicated than most other visas, this fiscal year,…

  • h4 visa ead faq

    H4 Visa EAD FAQs | Common H4 EAD Questions Answered

    Published on September 15, 2022

    On May 26, 2015, the USCIS began accepting applications for H-4 dependent spouses to obtain employment authorization. This long-awaited change is a relief for the thousands of H-4 holders who will be eligible for the benefits of employment. We’ve received many questions regarding qualifications, documentation required, processing procedures and the EAD lawsuit. Below is our…

  • H-1B Amendment for Location Change

    Published on July 22, 2022

    One of the hallmarks of the H-1B visa is that it holds a few advantages over other nonimmigrant visa classifications. A chief advantage is its portability. Being able to change employers, work full or part-time, and even work for multiple different employers simultaneously is a primary reason why the H-1B is so competitive. However, you…

  • Can I Get an H-1B Without A Degree

    Can I Get an H-1B Without A Degree?

    Published on July 12, 2022

    One of the unique advantages of the H-1B classification is the way it accommodates a wide range of professionals with varying academic backgrounds, including those without a college degree. While most professional-level jobs in the United States require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, many individuals are working in the U.S. on an H-1B visa…

  • H-1B Visa 2022

    H-1B Visa 2022-2023 Cap Season: The Definitive Guide [Updated 3/28/22]

    Published on March 28, 2022

    The H1-B Visa 2022-23 cap filing season is right around the corner. It’s time to look at the H1-B Visa lottery season including H1-B registration, requirements, and potential changes. With many new changes to the H-1B 2022 lottery, there are only a few short months left before it’s time to file. It is in your…

  • EB-1 for managers on H-1B

    EB-1 for Managers on H-1B

    Published on March 08, 2022

    Getting an EB-1 for managers on H-1B status may seem simple, but it requires quite a bit of work on your part and the part of your employer. This guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and obstacles to make sure you have EB-1 eligibility and get you from H-1B to Eb-1C.

  • H-1B Visa 2022

    USCIS Ban on Multiple H-1B Filings for One Beneficiary by “Related” Employers

    Published on February 17, 2022

    With the H-1B 2022-23 season almost upon us, employers are gearing up to submit their registrations beginning at noon EST on March 1, 2022. The existing H-1B rule states that one employer can submit only one entry for a beneficiary into the H1B lottery. Multiple H-1B filings aren’t allowed. Conversely, an H1B employee can have…