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For those who are unfamiliar with the green card levels, the EB-1 is the most difficult to obtain. As if that weren’t enough, the EB-1 category is broken down into three subcategories: the EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-1C. Needless to say, they are in order of rarity and prestige, making the EB-1A the most difficult green card available. Fortunately, it’s nothing that our experienced attorneys haven’t seen before.

The EB-1A is designed for people with extraordinary ability in the fields of art, science, business, education, and athletics. It also goes without saying that this can be difficult to prove, especially when the criteria for evidence include international awards and recognition. While the benefits, such as being able to self-petition and not having to wait for a priority date to be current, are great, the EB-1 requirements are very steep.

So when someone approached our office with a desire to obtain an EB-1A, we knew what we were getting into when we accepted the challenge.


The individual who came to our office was interested in getting an EB-1A through his contributions to a very complex and obscure field of technology and regulation. He had been turned away by several different attorneys on account of the fact that his field of expertise and international acclaim was too difficult to understand.

When filing for this prestigious green card category, it is important to make your case absolutely clear. If the USCIS is not made to understand the details of what makes an individual extraordinary, there will most likely be complications.

When it came to this particular case, the individual’s field was so niche and was studied so little that we were sure that the USCIS would find an issue due to a lack of understanding. The uphill battle would start at the beginning of the case.

The Verdict

Since this is a success story, it shouldn’t be surprising that the case was approved just a few short days later. Our attorneys had successfully detailed evidence proving that the individual had fulfilled more than three of the EB-1A requirements through their hard work and dedication to learning about this obscure field. The USCIS recognized the individual’s original work and found that he was internationally acclaimed for his work in the field.

The Case

And we were right. The USCIS countered with a very extensive Request for Evidence (RFE) that covered a variety of things, mostly detailing how they didn’t see how the individual met the EB-1 requirements.

Fortunately, because we saw this obstacle coming, we were ready for it. VisaNation law Group’s lawyers spent hours getting to the heart of the individual’s work in his field. They wanted to understand it almost as well as he did so that they could address each issue that appeared in the USCIS’s RFE.

We carefully took apart each aspect of the individual’s profession and explained each article in depth. We made sure to re-highlight each piece of evidence that proved the fact that his work was significant and that he had received international acclaim.

We organized our RFE response and submitted it through premium processing. Then all we could do was wait.


EB1 Requirements Approval Notice


The expert attorneys at VisaNation Law Group know a difficult case when they see one, and they don’t back down. Rising to meet challenges is what we do best, and we do it every day.

This individual clearly deserved his green card as he fulfilled the necessary EB-1 requirements through his extraordinary work. What we needed to do was convince the USCIS of the same thing. However, with a little patience and determination, the case was approved.

So if you are facing a difficult immigration situation or find yourself battling the USCIS over an issue that has other attorneys running scared, contact us to receive the help of dedicated professionals with a wide berth of honed experience.

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