If you are looking for a fresh start, new opportunities, or maybe even some exciting challenges, here is a list of the top 5 easiest countries to immigrate to. There are numerous reasons why someone would want to move to another country, and we want to help and guide you to make your immigration journey as easy as possible.

Top 5 Easiest Countries To Immigrate To In 2023

Below is a list of the best and easiest countries that you can move to:

1 – United States

The U.S. is arguably one of the best countries to immigrate to and can be one of the easiest, depending on your profession. Let’s break it down— the U.S. has one of the highest standards of living in the world, as well as boasts jobs with above-average salaries for many professional sectors.

There are several immigration pathways to the U.S., which vary in difficulty and success rates, but some may be more appropriate than others:

  • Diversity Visa – this program is for you if you are residing in a country that has low immigration rates to the U.S.
  • Work Visas – these visas are perfect for people with professional skills and higher educational accreditations.
  • Family Programs – ideal for people who have family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Study Visa – if you are looking to study in the U.S., then there are various immigration programs available to you.

United States - number 1 easiest country to immigrate to

The U.S. attracts many immigrants because it has the world’s largest economy and one of the highest GDPs among other countries. This allows people to get high-salaried jobs and provide for their families. In fact, the country is home to many of the largest and most successful companies, like Apple, Amazon, and Google. It is also a global leader in industries like banking, tech, and healthcare.

Immigrants also come to the U.S. because of the sheer beauty of the country. There is definitely a difference between living in sunny California and busy downtown Manhattan. While you can enjoy beaches in Florida, you can also go skiing in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. There is something for everyone in this great country.

2 – Canada

This northern country has been one of the most popular destinations for immigrants for many decades. Canada is a very diverse country which makes it welcoming to newcomers. The country is known for its healthcare and high standard of education.

In terms of immigration, the country’s policies tend to prioritize skilled workers, family members, and entrepreneurs, all of whom can apply either through federal or provincial immigration programs. Below is a list of some of the programs:

  • Express Entry – ideal for skilled workers.
  • Family Programs – allows you to sponsor your relatives, partners, parents, and other family members.
  • Provincial Programs – perfect for individuals who are nominated for immigration by a Canadian province or territory.
  • Business Immigration Programs – these programs are perfectly suited for foreign entrepreneurs that are looking to immigrate to Canada.

Canada - number 2 easiest country to immigrate to

Canada is home to commerce metropolises like Toronto and Vancouver, where many big companies like Shopify established their head offices. Although the country’s major industries are oil and gas, mining, and forestry, other industries like finance and tech have been on the rise in the past several decades. Canada is also known for having a strong social safety net, with universal healthcare and generous social welfare programs that provide a safety net for its citizens and permanent residents.

Canada is a popular destination for people who love the outdoors and adventure! Thanks to its stunning natural landscapes and diverse range of recreational activities, there is always something to do. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking, biking, and camping in the summer, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors in Canada.

3 – Germany

If you are looking for a European adventure, then living in the heart of Europe might be just right for you! Germany has numerous visa programs that attract immigrants from around the world, and some even fall into the category of extra-fast processing, which is always welcomed in any immigration matter.

Just like other immigrant-friendly countries, Germany prioritizes skilled professionals and has many immigration programs developed exactly for that purpose. However, there are also many humanitarian programs available for people in need. Because Germany is part of the European Union, movement within the Union is simplified for residents of its member states. However, if you are not an EU citizen, the following programs may be of interest to you:

Germany - number 3 easiest country to immigrate to

Germany is arguably the economic heart of Europe. Germany is known for its high-quality manufacturing products such as cars, machinery, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The country is home to large corporations like Volkswagen, BMW, Siemens, and BASF. Germany’s highly skilled workforce and favorable business environment have been crucial in driving its economic success in the past several decades.

This country has a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant nightlife. The country is home to numerous world-class museums and historical landmarks that attract numerous tourists yearly. The country has over 1,300 breweries that produce more than 5,000 varieties of beer, and beer festivals such as Oktoberfest in Munich attract millions of visitors every year. The country’s vibrant nightlife scene is also a major attraction, with cities such as Berlin and Hamburg offering a plethora of bars, clubs, and live music venues that cater to a diverse range of tastes.

4 – Australia

Coming in at number four is Australia, the country that is known for its beautiful beaches, kangaroos, and surfing! It is also known for it its wide array of immigration programs that cater to a vast diversity of mobility needs.

Australia has a growing economy, which means that companies are always looking for new workers all year round. In recent years, the country has been modernizing its immigration system to fulfill the needs of the economy. As a result, processing times are set to decrease for areas of immigration that are in high demand.

If you want to look into Australian immigration programs, then these might be worth taking a look at:

Australia - number 4 easiest country to immigrate to

Australia has a highly developed market economy with a GDP of approximately $1.3 trillion. It is the world’s 14th-largest economy and one of the wealthiest in Asia. The country’s economy is primarily driven by the service sector, where the majority of the job vacancies need fulfilling. Mining and agriculture are also major contributors to the economy.  The Australian economy is heavily tied to the economies of its major trading partners, such as China, Japan, and the United States.

Australia is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Numerous national parks provide opportunities for hiking, camping, bird-watching, and other outdoor activities. Australia is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, with major cities like Sydney and Melbourne hosting numerous music, film, and theatre festivals throughout the year. With its warm climate, relaxed lifestyle, and wide range of leisure activities, Australia is a popular destination for immigrants from around the world.

Take a look at our guide for E-3 visa and green card lawyers for Australian workers.

5 – Portugal

Portugal is another relatively easy country to move to and is also an increasingly popular destination for people who want to immigrate to a warmer climate. The country has a robust economy and is renowned for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage, making it a desirable place to reside and work.

There are numerous immigration programs available to foreign residents. Of course, if you are an EU citizen, the immigration process will be much easier. If not, you are still in luck because Portugal has been developing various immigration programs specifically to attack immigration, for instance:

  • Work Visa Options – ideal for foreign residents that want to work in the country.
  • Study Visa Programs – these are perfect for students that are looking to study in Portugal.
  • Residency Programs – if you are looking to live in Portugal for more than one year or want to bring your family into the country, then these programs are for you.

Portugal - number 5 easiest country to immigrate to

Portugal is a sought-after destination for retirees and digital nomads. It is ideal for you if you are looking for a low cost of living, exceptional healthcare, and a mild climate. Retirees can benefit from tax exemptions on foreign income under the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime for ten years. While digital nomads can benefit from various incentives in the tech industry,

The country has a vast array of leisure activities. From exploring historical cities like Lisbon and Porto to relaxing on the Algarve coast, there is something for everyone. Portugal is also known for its wine, with the Douro Valley producing some of the world’s finest port wines. Plus, did we mention that any European country is only a few hours away?

What Country is the Easiest to Immigrate to?

The easiest country to immigrate to is the United States. According to our list of the best countries to immigrate to, the U.S. has numerous immigration options that are likely to fulfill many immigrants’ needs. These immigration programs are highly tailored, meaning that if one qualifies for them, they are likely to succeed in their immigration journey. Moreover, the U.S. immigration system is highly stable and it is unlikely to undergo major changes which may affect one’s immigration plans.

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What is the Cheapest Country to Immigrate to?

Germany is the cheapest country to immigrate to on our list of easiest countries to move to. The immigration costs for Germany are likely to be under 1000 euros, in general. Keep in mind that immigration programs in Germany and in other countries on our list vary drastically. You may pay one fee for a student visa but a considerably higher fee for investment immigration programs. However, Germany along with Portugal, has very low immigration fees for personal, family, and some work immigration programs.

Which Country is Most Friendly to Immigrants?

For many years, Canada has been known as the most friendly country to immigrants. In 2023, this is still the case because the majority of Canada’s population are either immigrants or second or third-generation immigrants. Many immigrants come to Canada to work in sectors like IT or software development or enrol in universities to study engineering, or even go to law school in Canada. As a result, the country is highly multicultural and diverse, with many established ethnic communities in almost every city!