Bank verification letters are used for immigration purposes to demonstrate that you have available financial resources to support yourself or your immediate relatives on a visa in the United States. In this post, we will explore what components should be included in the bank verification letter to ensure the best chances of having the visa approved for yourself or your relative. Simplify the immigration process with VisaNation’s innovative software –  schedule a consultation today!

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How Do I Get My Bank Verification Letter for Immigration Purposes?

The most efficient way to obtain your bank account verification letter is to contact your bank’s customer service department. (Another option is to reach out to them via online chat.) Have your account information readily available so they can confirm your identity over the phone or online. Ask the bank representative to mail/fax/email precisely what you need, and be sure they document it on official bank letterhead. Depending on the bank, there may be a fee to obtain the bank verification letter and processing times for generating the letter can vary. If you are having the letter mailed to the consulate, take into account mail delivery times. In the past, Bank of America required the consulate name when requesting the bank verification letter.

You should include the following information in the letter:

  • Account holder’s full name
  • Bank account number
  • Date account was opened
  • Type of bank account
  • Current balance
  • Average balance (can be taken from past 3, 6, 12 months)

If you are using this letter to sponsor a relative for an immigrant visa, you should send it to them, and they will submit it to immigration officials along with the other required visa forms.

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Sample Bank Verification Letter

January 24, 2023

Regarding: Jose Gonzalez

2993 South Dixie Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90002

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter serves to verify that Jose Gonzalez has an account with ABC Bank. He opened his savings account, number 33309XXXX, on 2/1/2004 and has a current balance of $50,990. His average balance has stayed consistent over the past 12 months. Should you need additional information regarding Jose Ganzalaz’s account, please get in touch with him directly. The account owner can provide information contained in their monthly statement.


Jennifer Jones


ABC Bank Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the bank verification for my visa application? 

Immigration officials want to know that you have the financial fortitude to support the immigrant in the United States so that they do not become a public charge and financial burden to the government. That is why they want to see how much money you have in the bank to support yourself and any visa recipients.

What if my bank won’t give me a letter?

If your bank does not have a procedure for this type of letter, you can always send them a sample letter. If they still can’t accommodate your request, you can find out if submitting bank statements will be sufficient for the immigration requirements.

Who composes the bank verification letter? 

The bank personnel should write in on official bank letterhead and include a signature from the bank officer.

Where do I send the letter?

You should send the letter to the intending immigrant you plan to sponsor. You can also send copies to the U.S. embassy and visa application center.

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What other documents do I need to sponsor a relative’s visa? 

In addition to the bank verification letter, typically, when sponsoring a U.S. visa for someone else, you also need to include an invitation letter confirming that you are willing to sponsor them, an affidavit of support, a letter of employment, and sometimes payslips.

Is there a fee for a bank verification letter? 

This will depend on your bank. Sometimes there is a fee (typically no more than $20), and sometimes they will issue it as a customer courtesy.

How recent does the letter need to be?

Inquire with the specific embassy or consulate to determine how recent the bank verification letter needs to be. Still, typically if it’s from the past three months, that should suffice.

Are you able to use the same bank verification letter for more than one visa application? 

Yes, you can assume you have the amount required to satisfy each visa type.

How do I write a visa invitation letter for my relative? 

Check out this guide “How to Write an Invitation Letter for U.S. Visa”.

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