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  • employment verification letter for immigration

    Employment Verification Letter for Green Card: a Complete Guide

    Published on October 01, 2022

    An employment verification letter for immigration (EVL) is one way to satisfy proof of employment requirements that are needed for various U.S. visas. It is relatively easy to obtain from an employer that you are working for. Many USCIS forms, like Affidavits of Support, require the applicant or intending immigrant to submit proof of employment…

  • immigration reference letter for a family member

    Immigration Reference Letter for A Family Member | Process and Tips

    Published on March 03, 2022

    Have you been asked to write an immigration reference letter for a family member or wondering if you need one to help your relative’s case? It can be challenging to know how to best craft this letter. An immigration reference letter or character reference letter for immigration is a recommendation letter supporting someone’s immigration application…

  • Maintaining O-1 Visa Status

    Maintaining O-1 Visa Status

    Published on March 15, 2020

    An O-1 visa for nonimmigrants is an extraordinary abilities visa. This means it is meant for gifted individuals who are entering the United States to work, study, or perform. An O-1 Visa affords you some special benefits when visiting the U.S. However, while maintaining O-1 Visa status, you must be sure to follow important guidelines.

  • I-140 EAD Rule

    I-140 EAD Rule: Latest News & Updates

    Published on April 11, 2019

    In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security made some amendments to the I-140 Employment Authorization that had been guiding the entering and hiring process of highly-skilled workers in the United States. The new rule was extremely beneficial to H-1B holders as their spouses, the H-4 holders, could now be hired as employees in the United…

  • Common I-9 Mistakes

    Common I-9 Mistakes

    Published on August 08, 2018

    Whether you represent a small business or a large corporation, the I-9 form is central to your employed human resources. You may think you have it all sorted out when it comes to this seemingly mundane federal process, but when it comes to immigration law, there are some things to consider. If you want to…

  • O1-visa-apply-extension-GUIDE

    O-1 Visa – Application, Extension, Transfer | The Complete Guide

    Published on August 24, 2016

    If you are a non-immigrant worker seeking to enter the United States for a project, job or performance, you may qualify for a special O-1 visa. O-1 visa holders have several advantages over other types of work visas.