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  • auto employment application renewal

    Select Renewal Applications for Employment Authorization to Receive Automatic Extension

    Published on October 30, 2023

    In a statement issued by USCIS on October 27th, the agency announced that select renewal applicants for employment authorization would be eligible for automatic extensions of their expiring employment authorization or EADS while their applications are under review. For those who meet the eligibility criteria, the automatic extension will last 180 days. This extension also…

  • E-2 & L-2 EAD for Spouses | Work Authorization 2023

    Complete Guide to E-2 & L-2 EAD for Spouses

    Published on January 05, 2023

    In 2002, Congress modified the existing immigration laws so that L and E dependent spouse visa holders could work in the United States. However, obtaining the employment authorization documents (EAD) was still complex, lengthy, and costly. Due to long adjudication times, it would take upwards of a year before these spouses could get approval from…