Key Points to Know

  • If the foreign spouse meets certain criteria, they will be able to work in the U.S. while the marriage-based green card is processed.
  • If you don’t currently have a work visa, you may apply for an EAD while the green card is going through processing.
  • There is no premium processing for an EAD available.
  • Once your green card is issued, you will not need the EAD anymore.

EAD Articles

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    Can I Work While Waiting For a Marriage-Based Green Card?

    Published on March 26, 2024

    Obtaining a marriage-based green card is possible by either being the spouse of a U.S. citizen or marrying a lawful permanent resident (LPR) in the U.S. Whichever path you take, the U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse will have to sponsor your green card by submitting an I-130 petition to establish that your marriage is…

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    Will the USCIS Know About Unauthorized Employment?

    Published on November 11, 2023

    One of the most explicit immigration laws in the United States is the government’s stance against unauthorized employment. It is a violation of the country’s immigration and labor laws, which can attract heavy punishments. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), unauthorized employment is any labor or service performed for an employer…

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    EAD Card vs Green Card | Similarities and Differences

    Published on November 09, 2023

    When individuals contemplate immigrating to the United States, their first thought usually sways toward a green card. While this may be the ultimate goal, there are other options available that would allow you to work in the United States until a green card is issued. Individuals receive Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) when they have a…

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    Select Renewal Applications for Employment Authorization to Receive Automatic Extension

    Published on October 30, 2023

    In a statement issued by USCIS on October 27th, the agency announced that select renewal applicants for employment authorization would be eligible for automatic extensions of their expiring employment authorization or EADS while their applications are under review. For those who meet the eligibility criteria, the automatic extension will last 180 days. This extension also…

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    Get Form I-765 Approved for Work Permit

    Published on April 25, 2023

    In order to work in the United States, you must obtain the employment authorization document. In order to apply for an EAD, you must first submit Form I-765, which is the application for you to receive your authorization to work in the U.S. Most family members and some green card holders will have to submit…

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    EAD vs H-1B: All You Need to Know to Make the Decision

    Published on January 16, 2023

    Globally, a highly sought-after goal is working in the U.S. There are numerous ways to contribute to the American workforce, and the EAD and the H-1B are two. Knowing how these two tools of immigration relate can be vital to your efforts to work in the U.S. Here are the pros and cons of the…