The January 2014 Visa Bulletin has just been published by the U.S. Department of State. Though many of our EB-3 India clients were looking for some good news, it seems there has been no advancement within the category.  However for those who qualify under EB3 ROW, China, and Mexico, the cutoff date has moved 6 months forward. The FB-2A category remains unchanged.

January 2014 Visa Bulletin-Family Based:

  • FB-1:  The category moves 3 weeks ahead for ROW, China, and India. The new cutoff date is December 8,2006. However, Mexico and the Philippines remain unchanged. The cutoff date for Mexico is September 22,1993 and the Philippines stays at July 1, 2001.
  • FB-2A: Remains unchanged. The cutoff date is still September 8, 2013
  • FB-2B: The Philippines move ahead by 5 weeks. The new cutoff date is May 1, 2003. ROW, China, and India advance 1 month to June 1, 2006. Mexico stays at April 1, 1994.

January 2014 Visa Bulletin-Employment Based:

  • EB-1: Current for all nationalities 
  • EB-2: China advances by 1 month to December 8, 2008 while ROW, Mexico, and the Philippines have current dates. However, EB2 India stays at November 15, 2004.
  • EB-3: The Philippines move ahead by 5 weeks to February 15, 2007. The ROW, China, and Mexico advance by 6 months to April 1, 2012. India stays at September 1, 2003.
  • “Other Worker”: All except India move ahead in the category. The ROW, China, and Mexico advance 6 months to April 1, 2012. The Philippines move forward by 5 weeks to February 15, 2007. India remains at September 1, 2003.

 Summary of January 2014 Visa Bulletin:

  • EB-3 ROW, China, and Mexico continue to move forward. Each month has been advancing cutoff dates by 6 months. This is a major advantage for EB-3 applicants who are filing Adjustment of Status applications or waiting on visa numbers.
  • The FB-2A remains at September 8, 2013. The lack of change within this category is a result of the increased number of filings. Many are taking advantage of the almost current cutoff date
  • As expected, EB India cutoff dates have not changed and continue to retrogress. EB India is not expected to advance until possibly Summer 2014. Due to the high demand and amount of pending cases, the Visa Office has had to halt any new filings until pending cases pass through the USCIS and Department of State.

If you have any additional questions regarding your family-based or employment-based greencard, please contact our immigration attorneys. Our attorneys are capable of assisting you with filings, documentation, and legal representation.