In a highly anticipated development, starting March 28, 2024, the results of the H-1B Visa lottery for the Fiscal Year 2025 season have started being released. Following the commencement of registrations on March 6th, 2024, and closure on March 25th, 2024, applicants have been anxiously awaiting the outcome.

Traditionally, USCIS has discreetly disseminated lottery selection outcomes ahead of formal announcements. Consistent with this practice, notifications for the H-1B Visa 2025 season are being released in phases, offering a glimpse into the selection of applicants before the official declaration. USCIS is expected to continue rolling out the results until March 31, 2024. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation unfolds.

UPDATE: If you were selected in the H-1B lottery for FY 2025, please feel free to email [email protected], to guide your through the next steps towards securing your H-1B visa. 

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Other Important Updates

Beginning April 1, 2024, H-1B and H-1B1 (HSC) Form I-129 petitions should not be filed at the USCIS service centers. All paper-based H-1B and H-1B1 (HSC) Form I-129 petitions must be filed at USCIS lockbox locations including cap, non-cap, and cap-exempt H-1B filings. Any H-1B or H-1B1(HSC) petitions received at a USCIS service center on or after April 1, 2024 will be rejected. 

Cases that are subject to the H-1B cap should be filed at the appropriate service center. To determine the correct mailing address, see Form I-129 Direct Filing Addresses. USCIS has also noted that they will no longer use prepaid mailers to send out communications or final notices for any H-1B or H-1B1 (HSC) petitions as of March 25. With H-1B intake now occurring at the lockbox or online, they will not be able to use any prepaid mailers for H-1B or H-1B1 (HSC) filings.

New Fees – Upcoming Changes

Earlier this year we alerted you about the USCIS final rule which announced some new fees that go into effect April 1, 2024. Petitions postmarked on or after April 1, 2024, must include the new fees or USCIS will not accept them. You can see a complete list of H-1B fees here.

If you were selected in the 2024-25 H-1B visa lottery, contact VisaNation attorneys for filing your H-1B petition.

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