VisaNation’s second Open Office Hours Webinar, held on 26 March 2024, offered a platform for individuals to gain insights and ask questions about various immigration matters. The webinar, conducted online, featured VisaNation’s top legal experts and focused on employment, investment, and business immigration.

Understanding Employment Immigration

Shilpa Malik, Managing Attorney at VisaNation, elaborated on the nuances of employment-based immigration. She discussed the latest regulations, the importance of employer sponsorship, and how applicants can navigate the H-1B visa process. Malik also touched upon alternative visa options for professionals, researchers, and others seeking employment in the United States.

Exploring Investment Immigration

Sang Kim, Senior Counsel, provided valuable information on investment immigration. He highlighted the pathways for entrepreneurs and investors, especially focusing on the E-1 and E-2 visa programs. Kim explained the investment thresholds and the process of obtaining permanent residency through investment.

Navigating Business Immigration

Associate Attorney Lyndsay Stiff offered insights into business immigration. She detailed the various visa categories suitable for business owners, including the NIW pathway. Stiff shared tips on how to present a strong application and emphasized the importance of securing experienced legal representation.

Q&A Session

The webinar consisted largely of a comprehensive Q&A session, where attendees had the opportunity to interact directly with the attorneys. Questions ranged from specific case inquiries to general advice on immigration procedures.