USCIS has announced that enough H-1B petitions were received to meet the H-1B regular visa cap as well as the advanced degree exemption cap for FY 2024. Based on the guidelines, 65,000 visas are mandated under the H-1B regular cap while 20,000 are allotted under the master’s cap. The agency has said that they will be sending non-selection notices to those who applied via their online accounts in the coming days. Once that happens, the system will be updated for those who were not selected and will say, “Not Selected: Not Selected – not eligible to file an H-1B cap petition based on this registration.”

Applications that are exempt from the regular cap, will continue being accepted and processed. Any petitions that were filed for current H-1B workers who have been previously counted against the cap (and have their cap number) are exempt from the FY 2024 cap limits. USCIS will continue their efforts in filing and processing petitions that aim to extend the amount of time a current H-1B worker can remain in the U.S., change the terms of employment for current H-1B workers, allow current H-1B workers to change employers and allow current workers to work concurrently in additional H-1B positions.

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