TN Visa Approved in 12 days for Canadian Engineer


A benefit of using a TN visa is that it has no annual cap on the number of visas issued every year, making it more accessible than an H-1B visa. The government fees are lower, there is no prevailing wage requirement, and it can be renewed indefinitely in three year increment. TN visa holders can bring their dependents and spouses to the U.S., where they can live and study. The company interested in bringing our client over, was a startup residential building construction firm, focused on building affordable homes for low-income families in the state of Texas. Given the current inflation issue in the U.S., there has been a significant lack of housing that has led to higher rent and mortgages. This issued has particularly impacted low-income families, who are struggling to cover basic necessities while facing increasing housing costs.

The Case

Our client, Tom, was offered a job to temporarily work as a Water Resources Engineer in San Antonio, Texas for three years. As a Canadian citizen, he qualified for a TN visa under the category of an “Engineer.” With a bachelor’s degree in Water Resources Engineering and over 10 years of experience within the field, we were able to establish that our client was well suited for this role. During his employment, he would be held responsible for the construction of 150 homes in San Antonio, Texas. Tom would be responsible for supporting the water resources practice, performing standard calculations, assisting project engineers, performing site visits, and preparing hydraulic and hydrology studies for his team.

Within the case, we included:

  • Job offers, academic records, detailed cover letters, and resumes about our client
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Detailed business plans of the company and their operations
  • Proof of our client’s intention to return back to Canada after 3 years
  • Financial records to show he was sufficient to support himself and his family during his stay in the U.S.

A TN visa is designed to allow qualified professionals from Canada or Mexico to work in specific occupations under USMCA, contributing their expertise to the U.S. workspace. It was imperative that we included all the documentation listed above in our client’s filing, demonstrating that Tom met all the criteria, was self- sufficient and had the intention to return to Canada. If any of these documents were missing, it could have led to the denial of our client’s TN visa by a USCIS officer.

The Verdict

We explained how our client’s work would play a crucial role in providing affordable housing solutions, in an effort to alleviate some of the financial burdens on low-income families, all while being on a TN visa. Within 12 days of filing, we received Tom’s TN visa.

How We Can Help:

This TN approval is a testament to the dedication of our team in ensuring that the filing was meticulously prepared and compelling for our client. We ensured that there was no room for a denial, and our client’s successful case underscores our commitment to delivering  exceptional results in immigration law. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started on your TN visa today.

*The names have been changed in order to maintain attorney-client confidentiality.