Navigating TN Visa Approval for Canadian Economists

Helping people from around the globe live out their dreams in the United States is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. Learn how we helped a Canadian economist get her TN visa approved! 


The TN visa, established under NAFTA, was designed to streamline temporary employment opportunities in the United States for eligible Canadian and Mexican citizens. Individuals from USMCA countries (previously NAFTA) can engage in temporary work in the U.S. through the acquisition of a TN visa. Over the last 13 years, there has been significant growth in the approval of TN visas, with a substantial portion aimed at addressing labor shortages in the United States. Despite the change in the agreement’s name, the TN status criteria and application process remain consistent for both Mexican and Canadian citizens.

The Case

Facing a change of employer, our client, a Canadian resident accustomed to frequent work-related travel, found herself in need of reapplying for her TN visa. The unique aspect of her situation lay in the fact that she would now be working remotely for her new employer, a company specializing in investments and trading. Despite the remote nature of her work, she would still be positioned in the United States, requiring occasional in-person attendance. The envisioned work arrangement allowed for a validity period of up to three years.

tn visa approval

The position offered to our client was that of an Economist, entailing a diverse range of responsibilities, including conducting market surveys, analyzing statistical data, examining both local and global news, presenting research findings, analyzing assets, and developing models to track sales.

Based on her previous experience in the field, she would be a key asset to her new company. It was crucial to build the case around explaining the necessity of her physical presence in the United States to perform her job effectively.

Given the specific nature of her role falling within the Economist category of the USMCA, as outlined in Appendix 1603.D1 to Annex 1603, our client was eligible for a TN Visa.

The Verdict

To secure our client’s TN visa, we submitted a comprehensive package, including:

  • I-129 and I-907 forms
  • Detailed company assets
  • Track records of the company’s performance
  • Management charts
  • Tax records
  • Client’s educational credentials
  • Previous visa approvals

The result was the approval of our client’s TN visa application within 14 days, allowing her to work with the new employer under the specified remote work arrangement.

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

The TN Visa has many benefits and we were thrilled we could help our client gain approval! The immigration process can be filled with ups and downs which is why it’s vital to have an experienced legal team on your side. From filing petitions to handling RFEs, we’ve covered it all. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started!