Brewing Success: L1A Visa Approval for South African

Within only 11 days, our client’s L-1A case for their specialty coffee business was approved! A brewing success for not only the local economy it will support revenue for but also our client’s professional future! 


As a United Kingdom national, our client sought to expand his coffee business into the U.S. market. An L-1A visa would allow him, as the Chief Executive Officer, to relocate to the U.S. to open a new office. His responsibilities would include enhancing the brand visibility, improving the U.S.-based relationship with other trade partners in the coffee industry, setting sale targets, and optimizing product distribution. By no means would our client be involved in any of the administrative, operational or non-managerial duties. The high-stake decisions involving the U.S. company and parent company would come from our client, the CEO. To support our client, employees from the U.S. and South Africa would provide operational and administrative support.

The Case

The proposed U.S. venture would operate as a subsidiary of the South African-based parent company, specializing in wholesale and retail sales of specialty coffee products. The U.S. company would focus exclusively on supplying roasted coffee to regional retail outlets, leveraging the parent company’s intellectual property, brand recognition, and expertise.

Within these cases, it is absolutely critical that we establish the relationship between the parent and subsidiary company, as well as the executive capacity of the employee. Currently, our client owns 33% of the company, having shares of the U.S. company’s earnings, and he also operates as an Exclusive Independent Contractor with the company. The majority of the U.S. company is owned by the parent company, establishing the relationship.


The Verdict

The creation of the U.S. company would not only serve the South African business, but it would also serve the national interest of the U.S. as well. By opening up the U.S. company, it would require workers to operate and run the business, creating job opportunities for Americans. We also explained how the company would generate massive tax revenue for the economy, implying the positive benefits to the U.S. with this subsidiary coffee company.

Within 11 days, our client’s L-1A case was approved.



l1a success story

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

From navigating the challenges that USCIS presented us with, our team did an exceptional job of crafting a compelling case to secure this approval! Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started on your immigration journey today.