The Road to Reunion: A Father’s Tale of Green Card Triumph

There’s no greater love than one from a parent to their child. We were honored to help reunite this father and daughter in the U.S. with green card approval in light of losing the matriarch of the family. Learn how our team got this parent green card approved in just over a year from the time of filing the I-485! 


A green card is a significant immigration document that allows foreign-born parents to live and work permanently in the United States. This card is a testament to the importance placed on family reunification in the U.S. immigration system, offering parents the opportunity to join their children who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. With the parent green card, families can strengthen their bonds and create a foundation for a shared future.

The Case

Losing a significant other is a profoundly challenging experience. In the case of our client’s daughter, her desire for her father to join her in the United States stemmed from the loss of their mother. Although our client missed his wife dearly, the prospect of living alone in India did not appeal to him, especially considering that all of his children, grandchildren, and extended family members were residing in the U.S. His heartfelt wish was to be close to them during this difficult time.

Given our client’s existing legal status in the United States, we initiated the process of filing for his green card and adjustment of status. One of his daughters sponsored him. However, due to the unique circumstances surrounding the issuance of marriage and birth certificates in India during the 1940s, our client faced challenges obtaining these documents.

In response, we facilitated the creation of an affidavit wherein our client affirmed his biological relationship with his sponsoring daughter. Additionally, we secured affidavits from his older sister and brother-in-law, confirming our client’s marriage to his deceased wife. While our client’s daughter possessed a birth certificate, it only had her mother’s name.

To supplement this, we gathered a comprehensive set of affidavits and school records attesting to our client’s birth date and marriage. Securing these supplements was crucial not only to fortify our case but also to proactively prevent the issuance of any Request for Evidence (RFE).

timeline green card parent

The Verdict

Within three months, our client’s green card application was approved. Now, he can reside peacefully in the United States surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

It’s worth highlighting that many clients from India encounter similar challenges concerning the unavailability of birth certificates or marriage certificates. The Department of State’s regulations, aligned with India’s procedures, recognize affidavits as sufficient proof for affirming birth or marriage. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these rules vary by country. Therefore, it is essential to always verify what documentation is acceptable according to the guidelines of the respective country. Our team has decades of experience handling even the most complex cases from around the world. Are you interested in bringing a parent to the United States to live? Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started!