Wings of Love: A Pilot’s Journey to a Successful Marriage Green Card

Our team was able to prove our client’s bonafide relationship so that this couple could be united in the U.S. with a marriage green card. Learn how our attorneys crafted a compelling strategy that was undeniable to USCIS! 


The approval of a marriage green card is life-changing to both parties involved, in addition to their families. We’ve been blessed to help reunite countless couples in the United States so that they can begin their lives together. With that said, USCIS is very discerning with the cases it approves and it requires a robust evidence file to obtain a green flag from the agency!

The Case

As a pilot in Trinidad and Tobago, our client was here in the U.S. on an F-1 visa studying to get another pilot license here in the U.S. After some time our client met his now wife through family and friends. Within their culture, dating was not acceptable, so upon meeting each other for the first time, they were asked if they would later agree to marriage. They both agreed and started meeting each other more often. After a year of seeing each other, they were eager to get married.

Upon getting married, our client was worried about failing out of status. It’s important to note that once our client’s green card application was filed with USCIS, his status in the U.S. was protected as he was married to a U.S. citizen and had a pending green card application. Our client was eager to go back home, however, with a pending green card application it is extremely risky to leave the country.

marriage green card approval

A couple of months after the filing, our clients received a Notice of Intent to Deny. Since USCIS was waiving the interview requirement, they simply wanted supporting documents of the marriage to be submitted by mail. We submitted documentation to bonafide the relationship. This included their wedding invitations, joint bank account statements, credit cards, and a written affidavit.

The Verdict

Within four months, our client’s case was approved. This case highlights the importance of providing thorough and convincing evidence to support the validity of a marriage when faced with challenges in the immigration process.

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

Marriage green card cases often have challenges that are exacerbated by the physical distance from your loved one. When time and resources are of the essence it’s critical to trust your case with an experienced legal team of immigration professionals. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started!