Periodontist H-1B Extension Success

Within under 8 months of filing our client’s H-1B extension, her case was approved! Learn how our team navigated this immigration process with expertise and ease. 


Our client sought to extend her H-1B status with the same employer, a family dentist’s office. The office provided all sorts of preventative and restorative dental care to people of all ages. They were seeking our client to continue her role as a Periodontist. She was responsible for executing surgical extractions, diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases, devising treatment plans, conducting tests, and performing various dental procedures. Within the business requirements, it was important to note that our client would be working at three locations, under different names, all owned by the petitioner.

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The Case

She qualified for a specialty occupation due to holding a master’s degree and a dentistry license, with her job duties necessitating a specific theoretical understanding and practical application of highly specialized knowledge. With advanced degrees in Periodontology, Dental Medicine, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Taiwan, our client demonstrated a comprehensive academic background.

H1B Ext. approval

The Verdict

We elaborated on how her profession demanded rigorous analysis of specialized methodologies and techniques, grounded in a theoretical comprehension of dental diagnosis principles and concepts. It was also critical that we established the right to control within the employee’s and employer’s relationship. During the duration of our client’s H-1B status, she would be under the direct supervision of the owner, who would have the right to assign her duties and responsibilities. It’s crucial in these filings that the employer is aware of and willing to cover the beneficiary’s transportation costs in case of premature termination. A little under 8 months of filing the extension, our client’s case was approved!

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

This approval was a triumphant success with obtaining it after only 8 months of filing the extension! We’re adept at handling cases of all levels and are confident we can assist you as well! Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started!