Enduro Motocross Expert Secures O-1A Visa


Our client was looking to bring James, a globally recognized expert in enduro motocross biking, to the U.S.

With eight National Enduro Championship titles in New Zealand and a distinguished career as the country’s most successful Dakar Rally participant, James has made his legacy in the world of extreme racing. James was seeking an O-1A visa which is typically reserved for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletics, business, education, or science’s fields.

James was not just a nationally and internationally recognized athlete but also an author and coach, known for his acclaimed international enduro motocross instructional series. Adding to his influence, James commands a substantial social media following of over 200,000 across various platforms, showcasing his widespread appeal and influence in the biking community.

Our client was eager to bring James onboard in a full-time capacity as an off-road racer, instructor, and coach, tapping into his expertise to lead classes and share his racing skills with enthusiasts.

Case Strategy

According to the Immigration Act, immigrants are required to demonstrate sustained recognition at either the national or international level, specifically within their field of expertise. Enduro racing, renowned as one of the oldest and most challenging forms of motorcycle competition, serves as a prime example.

Competitors in enduro racing navigate through a variety of terrains, including crossroads, fire roads, and two-track trails, making it one of the most rigorous and competitive motorsports globally.

James’s journey towards O-1A visa approval began with meticulously compiling evidence of his achievements— multiple national and international championships, significant contributions to the sport, and endorsements from industry peers.

Additionally, we strategically emphasized James’s online presence and global influence. His 18-episode coaching series on enduro racing techniques, hosted on YouTube, was a cornerstone of our strategy. We not only highlighted YouTube’s status as one of the most visited websites globally but also showcased the series’ reach to a vast audience of enthusiasts, further solidifying James’s stature as an influential figure in the sport.

Documents Included in the O-1A filing:

  • Support Letter
  • Passport
  • State License
  • Resume
  • Publications
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Salary Comparisons for Similar Positions in the U.S.

We underscored James’s involvement in major trade publications and his partnerships with distinguished organizations, illustrating his role as a leading authority in enduro racing on an international scale. His instructional materials, sold in over 100 countries, and his coaching impact on thousands of enthusiasts further demonstrated his significant contributions to the global enduro racing community.

Finally, we strategically positioned James’s participation in renowned enduro races, such as the South African Enduro Race, Roof of Africa, Erzberg, Red Bull Last Man Standing, and Hell’s Gate, as a testament to his elite skills and ability to excel in the toughest competitions worldwide.

By weaving together these key elements—awards and achievements, online presence, industry recognition, coaching impact, and competitive track record—we presented a compelling and thorough case that showcased James’s exceptional talent for an O-1A visa.


We received an RFE (Request for Evidence) asking for additional information to substantiate James’s eligibility for an O-1A visa based on the criteria outlined at the time of filing the petition. The specific request included contracts with timestamps and details of events that our client would participate in during the requested validity period, spanning 2024-2026.

We addressed the RFE by providing:

  • An offer letter confirming James’s start date and annual wage.
  • A detailed itinerary outlining the events and schedules planned for 2024-2026, including coaching sessions, races, filming commitments, and more.


Within 10 days of sending in the RFE response, James’s case was approved.

How We Can Help

Our team delivered a compelling case to secure this approval and we are committed to making these successes possible. If you are interested in pursuing an O-1A visa and want to see if you meet the criteria, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started on your immigration journey today.

*The names have been changed in order to maintain attorney-client confidentiality.