From Nassau to the States: A Journey of Love, Long-Distance, and Green Card Victory

Harnessing the expertise of our legal team, we adeptly responded to an RFE, resulting in the swift approval of our client’s marriage green card case so she could be reunited with her true love! Learn how we gathered compelling evidence that played a pivotal role in securing our client’s successful outcome.


A marriage-based green card is a catalyst for many couples to begin their lives together in the United States. It is also a highly sought-after visa that is only granted to those who demonstrate all the stringent requirements laid out by USCIS. Our legal team has helped countless clients reunite with their loved ones by crafting a compelling case with USCIS and overcoming the most challenging RFEs.

The Case

Originally from the Bahamas, our client’s love story began when she met her husband during his business trip to Nassau. Their connection deepened, leading to a decision to marry after navigating a period of long distance. Eager to start their new life together, our client aspired to become a physician and applied to U.S. medical schools. Upon choosing to settle in the U.S., they initiated the green card process with us.

green card success

However, six months later, an unexpected hurdle emerged in the form of a Request for Evidence (RFE). Typically issued for medical exams, our client promptly scheduled an appointment with a designated civil surgeon. The standard procedure is that once you receive an RFE, you must do what the letter advises you to do, and then mail it to the designated address on the letter. Following the procedure, she completed the medical exam and received an envelope containing copies. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, she was mistakenly advised by the medical staff to keep the envelope sealed until her immigration interview.

The Verdict

This misinformation resulted in a critical issue, where our client received a notice suggesting that her case will be considered abandoned due to RFE non-compliance. Despite the setback, we appealed the case, clarifying to USCIS that our client had indeed completed the medical exam, possessed the necessary copies, and had encountered a miscommunication with the medical staff. The appeal proved successful, and our client’s case was approved within two months. Despite the initial challenges, love prevailed, and their immigration journey took a positive turn.

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

The responsibility to substantiate the authenticity of the marriage lies with the applicant. Enlisting the support of a seasoned attorney becomes crucial in not only accurately preparing the application but also gathering the necessary documents to overcome any potential doubts. Our team has handled countless fiancée visa and marriage immigration cases and we’re confident we can help you as well. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started!