Cultivating Opportunities: A Triumph in TN Visa Approval for an Agriculturist

The VisaNation team helped secure a TN visa for our client! While not all cases are easy or straightforward, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service and attention to detail so that we can overcome any hurdle that comes us! 


A TN Visa allows temporary employment in the United States to Canadian and Mexican citizens, as long as they meet the occupation requirements. It is usually valid for up to three years, and it can be renewed indefinitely. 

The Case

Our client was an agriculturist, which fell under the scientist category in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). It was important to note our client’s occupation, as these individuals need to have an occupation that adheres to the regulations under the Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification System. 

In our client’s case, he came across an issue where the officer claimed that he never used the agriculturist category before, and didn’t understand his position. The officer refused to issue the visa and told our client to apply through USCIS, as the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) was not used for TN purposes. After our client’s denial, his company then refused to sign the I-129 for the USCIS filing.

The Verdict

We then had to provide a supplementary package emphasizing our client’s occupation falling under the guidelines of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which also adheres to the Department of Labor’s regulations. This in itself was a robust file. 

Our team provided evidence that showed the duties and responsibilities of a food scientist, education required, confirmation of reliance on OOH, and much more. Our client was able to reapply for their TN visa at the border, and they were approved! 

tn visa success story

Once you are approved for your TN Visa, you should receive a standard stamp in your passport from the consulate indicating the valid TN status. This stamp will typically be written by a CBP officer. It is always advisable to check your electronic I-94, which keeps a record of your admission to the United States. You will want to check that you were admitted to the U.S. on TN status and that the dates are correct. 

Another VisaNation Law Group Success Story

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