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November 2017 Visa Bulletin | Report, Predictions & Analysis

November 2017 Visa Bulletin

If you are on the path to a green card and only need to wait until your priority date is current, then this article is for you. Whether you want to find out where the dates have fallen this month, what to do once your date is current, or how you can possibly shorten your waiting time, our November 2017 visa bulletin is full of the information you need to take the next steps in your immigration story.

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E-2 Visa Transfer | How to Switch To an H-1B or Green Card

E2 visa transfer

In the world of immigration law, it is not uncommon for people’s circumstances to change rapidly while in the U.S. Occasionally, these changes may interfere with your current nonimmigrant status or provide you with the opportunity to get a green card. If  that happens to you while under E2 status, it is often a good idea to get an E2 visa transfer of status.

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October 2017 Visa Bulletin | Report, Prediction & Analysis

October 2017 Visa Bulletin

As more and more people have petitioned for green cards across the globe, a whole host of new opportunities are created in the U.S. for foreign nationals from all walks of life. For those waiting for their green card to become current, these visa bulletins are incredibly valuable. If this is you, then keep reading to see where your new date stands in the October 2017 visa bulletin.

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September 2017 Visa Bulletin | Report, Prediction & Analysis

September 2017 Visa Bulletin

September is the final month before the end of the fiscal year. With that comes a new start for visas across the board. Hundreds of thousands of people have petitioned for green cards and are waiting for their priority dates to become current. To see where your date stands and what you may be able to expect in in the future, take a look at the predictions and analysis in this September 2017 visa bulletin.

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