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Getting an H-3 Visa After a Complicated RFE Success Story

At SGM Law Group, we see people from all kinds of situations and backgrounds come through our office doors. Thanks to our dedicated and skilled attorneys, most people walk out of those doors with smiles on their faces and visas in their hands. While we usually deal with employment-based visas, we also often have more complicated immigration situations come our way. For an architect who received an H3 visa RFE, this was one of those cases.

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E2 Visa Fees 2017 | Application Cost, Investment Amount, Lawyer Fee

E2 Visa Fees 2017

One of the main purposes of the immigration system is to allow foreign nationals into the U.S. who will make a positive impact on the United States economy, society, and job market. Because of that, it should not be surprising that a special preference is given to investors and entrepreneurs who wish to develop an enterprise in the U.S. Read on to learn what the E2 visa fees are for 2017 and how much you need to invest to qualify.

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L1 Processing Time | Extension, Premium Processing, Green Card

L1 Processing Time

For multinational employers who are looking to transfer their high-ranking employees to branches and offices to the U.S., there simply is no better visa class than the L1 visa. However, many companies of that caliber run along well-defined lines. The sporadic and flexible methods of immigration law may not fit well into those lines. If you are wondering what you can account for when it comes to the L1 processing time, then you’ve come to the right place.

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May 2017 Visa Bulletin | Predictions & Analysis

For so many people entering the United States, getting a green card is the dream. It means that you can live and work in the U.S. as a legal permanent resident. In order to get a green card, however, you must first have your priority date be current with the dates released monthly by the Department of State. This post will cover the changes in the May 2017 visa bulletin and how they may affect your green card status.

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L1 Grace Period | Extension Denied or Expired: What to Do

L1 Grace Period

For multinational companies with a branch, office, or affiliate in the United States, there’s simply no better way to transfer your employees to the U.S. than through the useful L1 visa. Although this visa allows executives, managers, and specialized employees to work in the U.S. for several years, you may need to file for an extension. If that extension is denied and your visa is about to expire, you may want to know if there is an L1 grace period to help smooth the transition.

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PERM Processing Time – 2017 | Timeline for EB2 and EB3 Green Card

PERM Processing Time

PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) labor certification is a process that employers must go through in order to hire a foreign immigrant worker on a permanent basis. It is the first step for a foreign national to obtain a green card. PERM labor processing time has widely varied over time and even today depends on a number of factors including how it is submitted. At its best, the PERM processing time in 2017 can take around six months from the time it was filed if certain conditions are met. Continue reading