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September 2017 Visa Bulletin | Report, Prediction & Analysis

September 2017 Visa Bulletin

September is the final month before the end of the fiscal year. With that comes a new start for visas across the board. Hundreds of thousands of people have petitioned for green cards and are waiting for their priority dates to become current. To see where your date stands and what you may be able to expect in in the future, take a look at the predictions and analysis in this September 2017 visa bulletin.

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National Interest Waiver (NIW) for Medical Physicist

National Interest Waiver (NIW) for Medical Physicist

One of the best parts about immigration law is the fact that you get to work with exceptional people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Tackling challenges and learning about fascinating new industries are just some of the many benefits. When a medical physicist came to us with a desire to get a green card through a National Interest Waiver, we were able to accomplish both.

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E2 Visa Denied | Reasons, Options, Extension Denial

E2 Visa Denied

For foreign investors, the E2 visa is one of the best ways to work in the U.S. through your investment. However, due to the complicated nature of immigration law, obstacles can always arise. If you have had your E2 visa denied or are looking to prevent a denial, then here are some common reasons why it happens and how you can avoid it.

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NIW vs PERM Labor Certification | Differences, Requirements, Uses


The world of immigration law is complex and difficult to master. Unless you’re an immigration attorney, you can’t be expected to know everything about every form and policy. So it comes as no surprise when people ask a question such as this: “what is the difference between the NIW and the PERM Labor Certification?”

Fortunately, this question is easily answered by experienced immigration lawyers. But rather than just give a one-sentence answer, let’s dive into the specifics of each aspect and see how they are related and how they differ.

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O1 Visa Processing Time | Renewal & Premium Processing

O1 Processing Time

If you qualify as a foreign worker with extraordinary achievements, then there’s a good chance you want to know everything there is to know about your prestigious visa including how long it will take. While, the official O1 visa processing time is relatively short, there are some other things to take into consideration when planning out the timeline.

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O-1A for a Corporate CEO – Success Story

O-1A for a CEO

Employment-based immigration can sometimes be the the most rewarding, but it can also be the most challenging. The more prestigious the visa, the harder it is to obtain. Fortunately, for the skilled attorneys here at SGM Law Group, even a visa as distinguished as the O-1 is just all in a day’s work. Keep reading to find out how we secured an O-1A for a CEO. Continue reading